Baltimore Ravens Unbalanced Run Game

With the beginning of pre-sales here on the site for my upcoming book Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly OffenseI’ve been offering the Ravens offensive line manual as an incentive for buying multiple copies of the book.


However, there are plenty of other great resources from Jon Harbaugh’s team that I can share with you, and one of my favorites is the information on the unbalanced line run game that Baltimore has made a living off of for several seasons.

The unbalanced package is something that a lot of offenses use, I personally have even seen it deployed all the way down to the middle school and youth levels, and getting the input from some of the best in the business is sure to benefit everyone.

One of the most important things to consider when putting in a new formation, or in this case, an unbalanced look, is how the defense will react. This becomes less of an issue if all you’re going to do is run zone schemes, but if you want to run the traditional power and iso plays, along with others that demand a man-blocking scheme, you need to have some idea as to how the defense will line up.

Not only that, but what if the defense doesn’t recognize the unbalanced look, and you’ve got numbers, but the alignment ends up looking different, at least from your players perspective, than anything you’ve practiced all week? How many times have you seen an unbalanced team gain numbers, while letting a single defender through because the linemen weren’t sure who had who? Like anything else, you must commit to the unbalanced line run game in order to be successful with it. I hope these materials can give you some of the answers you’re looking for.


EDIT: This is a completely un-solicited endorsement, but I was able to piece several PDFs together for this post by using for free. It was really easy and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to do something similar


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