Here are the sites that I enjoy and recommend.

  • Brophy Football – The best x’s and o’s site around in my opinion. Tons of hard to find video and other resources.
  • Coach Grabowski – Coach Keith Grabowski is the former offensive coordinator at Baldwin-Wallace University, and now continues to run a very interesting site full of great information.
  • Coach Hoover – Coach Barry Hoover is a high school coach in Georgia who has a fantastic football site filled with several years worth of great posts and videos.
  • Coach Huey – A great online forum specifically for football coaches
  • Coach Vint – Coach James Vint is the author of a couple of great books if you’re looking for an introduction to the pistol offense, or want to expand on what you already know. 101 Pistol Option Plays and 101 Pistol Run Plays are two great resources for coaches or even the curious fan!
  • Dan Gonzales Football – Coach Gonzales is an author and consultant for interested teams.
  • – A web-based football drawing tool.
  • Fish Duck – An Oregon fan site mostly geared toward the next-level football fan as well as the fan just starting out in football strategy, but Charles Fischer, the guy who runs it, does a great job putting videos together that showcase the different aspects of Oregon’s offense.
  • Football Gameplan – Emory Hunt runs this site, filled with interviews, videos, and all kinds of interesting pieces of content for the football-obsessed fan or coach.
  • High Speed Spread Football – Plenty of great reads here for coaches.
  • James Light Football – Another great site full of diagrams and video, and Coach Light does a tremendous job of explaining difficult defensive concepts.
  • – One of my favorites. This site contains a library of TV copies of college and some NFL games as well. If you’re looking to analyze a recent game, this is a great place to start.
  • – I consider myself extremely fluent in the language of the West Coast Offense, and it’s almost entirely thanks to this excellent website. If you’re a coach or just a football nerd in general, you can’t afford to leave this site out of your bookmarks.

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