Chip Kelly on Offensive Identity

Sheil Kapada of has a great article that mostly focuses on what it’s like for to play QB for Kelly, but I found this quote really indicative of what Kelly’s approach is day in and day out:

I think you have to have a system, whether that’s offense, defense or special teams. And you have to adhere to that system a little bit. You can’t just say, ‘I saw this play on Monday Night Football, let’s put it in. And I watched the University of Texas yesterday, let’s put this in.’ What do you want to be? What do you stand for? What is your vision in terms of how you want to get things accomplished?”

More important than any one particular play is the entirety of the system itself and what your answers are. It matters not so much what “scheme” you’re running, as long as you have a plan that you believe in, is flexible enough to adjust, and you can rely on.Kelly159630225

Foles appreciates the continuity and reasoning behind the offensive attack, because everything makes sense. There’s never a situation where Kelly will take something he saw on an ESPN highlight and just throw it in the gameplan because, hey, it looked pretty cool. It really is a complete offensive system that’s adaptable to anything the defense throws at it:

“So the thing I love about this offense is there’s really an answer for every different situation. Now the big thing is execution. You might have an answer, but if you don’t execute it, the play won’t work or something bad happens. But that’s what I love, is there’s always an answer, there’s always a reason. Different looks, I know where to go. It’s just, ‘Can I make the throw? Can I move the pocket? Can we make that cut with the running back?’ Stuff like that. That’s where execution comes in.”

The offense allows Foles and the other ten guys on the field to think less and play faster. I don’t care whether you’re lining up in a four-wide set and running a double-screen, or setting up in the wishbone and running a counter option, the question is, do your players know what they’re doing, and can they do it with very little conscious thought? The less they’re thinking about it, the faster they’re playing.

As you’re preparing for the upcoming season, ask yourself, what is our offensive identity? What are we trying to get accomplished? How do we do that? Do we have an offense, or are we just running a collection of plays?

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