Now on – Florida State’s Zone Blitz against Oregon

This past week I wrote a couple of posts for the Oregon sports analysis site involving the strategy behind what Florida State would try to do to stop Oregon in the Rose Bowl playoff game on New Year’s Day.

I took a two-part look at the zone blitz schemes of FSU Defensive Coordinator Charles Kelly, who has continued the success started by Jeremy Pruitt last season.

The Art and Science of the Blitz – Boundary Pressure from Florida State:

“There’s a saying among coaches and hardcore X’s and O’s enthusiasts, and it usually goes something like this: “Safeties never lie, corners always lie.” While this is admittedly a pretty broad generalization, it’s a good starting point for young quarterbacks who are just beginning to understand coverages and pre-snap looks. It’s also important to remember when examining the types of looks that a defense is most prone to blitz from.”

You can read the rest here.

The Art and Science of the Blitz – Field Pressure from Florida State

“It’s also important to note that when discussing the sideline, many defensive coordinators talk about it almost like a 12th defender. On defense, you’ve got to know where your help is, and the sideline is the defense’s biggest ally on the field, because it never misses a tackle. It’s very common to see defenses set an extra man to the field in their pre-snap alignments, so that when so many of the check-with-me style offenses of today start playing the numbers game at the line of scrimmage, they’ll see a numbers advantage to the boundary and not toward the field.”

You can read the rest here.

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