Now on – Punch/Counterpunch: Analyzing the Oregon 2nd-Level Read

This month for I take a look at the 2nd-level read that the Ducks showed a few times in their spring game, and break down not just how they did it, but why.

“It’s not often that you, as a coach, won’t go into a game with a good idea of what the opponent is going to give you.  With so many good coaches in college football and everything on film, it’s very hard to do something completely different from one week to another and be really good at it.  These days most coaches focus on doing what they do best and spend a lot of time trying to do it as well as possible.

“So, if you know what your opponent is going to do, what’s your plan to stop them?  Now, once you’ve figured that out, what’s your Plan B?  Or, putting it another way, what’s your counterpunch?  Your alternative strategy.

“You’re going to need more than one plan of attack for the game, because either:

  1. You were wrong, and your plan isn’t working as brilliantly as you thought it would, or
  2. You were right, and you had a great idea of how to stop a particular play or slow down a known offense, only now the offense has adjusted to your defense.  They’ve either stopped running that play entirely and begun to take advantage of a new-found weak-spot in your defense, or they’ve adjusted the play itself so that it’s a sound answer to whatever you’re doing.”

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