Now on Yes, Nick Saban, this is what we want Football to Be

In my latest post on, I talk about some of the things that bug me about the rules committee’s latest attempt to shut down offenses by penalizing them for going too fast:

Earlier this month, the NCAA rejected a proposal that would have slowed down offenses all around the country, and would have literally given a “delay of game” penalty for snapping the ball too quickly.  The ten-second rule, unofficially dubbed the ‘Saban Rule’by South Carolina Head Football Coach and professional golf hustler Steve Spurrier, would’ve penalized an offense that snapped the ball without giving the defense 10 seconds to substitute personnel, whether or not the offense substituted in between plays.”

You can read the post in its entirety HERE.

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Chip Kelly Clinic Notes

This is an old but great transcript of Chip Kelly talking about the zone read when he was at Oregon.

Note that Kelly does not get all up in arms over teaching the offensive line the type of front they’re facing, whether it’s over or under, etc.

As long as the linemen can count, they do not need to know whether it is an over or under front- our rules will take care of that.”

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Excerpt from Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly Offense

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the release of my upcoming book Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly Offense. The pre-sale has closed, so if you didn’t get a chance to reserve your copy, you’ll have to wait until the release date of April 8.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

Until then, here’s a short passage from the book to hold you over. This is from the chapter on the inside zone and how it fits into Kelly’s offense.

It probably comes as no surprise that a large percentage of Chip Kelly’s offense involves a zone running scheme. However, most fans and casual observers would be surprised to find out that instead of the zone read, it’s the version of the scheme in its most basic from, the inside zone. » Read more

Now on Three reasons why Chip Kelly’s offense is not a Fad

I’m really excited to be working with Charles Fischer and the talented group of writers over at, one of the premier football sites on the internet. I’ve been following the site and have been a fan of what they do for a long time, so if you’re not familiar with it, do yourself a favor and check it out. Aside from articles, the analysis videos breaking down the Oregon offense are second to none.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

In this post, I push back against the analysts who, without any real understanding of the scheme, say that Chip Kelly’s offense is just a fad:

Being able to draw up plays on a blackboard is one thing, but what happens in a game when their defensive end is a lot better than you realized, and you’re not able to run the ball to his side like you wanted?  What happens when the opposition begins anticipating your favorite pass play and starts doubling your stud receiver?  What’s your plan B?  What are your answers?  In football, almost nothing ever goes completely according to plan, so a coach without answers is a coach without an offense, and a coach without an offense will eventually become a coach without a job.

In contrast to this, Kelly’s offense is a well-oiled machine with plays that complement one another, with contingency plans built in. “

Read the whole thing here.

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The one mistake you’re making in player Meetings

I was fortunate enough, through a mutual acquaintance, to be able to spend some time with Jerry Glanville last summer, picking his brain about defense, player evaluation, and football in general.

Before we go any further, I can assure you that he is exactly the guy you’ve seen on those NFL Films highlights. He was every bit the wacky, hilarious, and fiery coach that football fans know him as, but make no mistake, the man knows football.FPI703010327AR_b

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Baltimore Ravens Unbalanced Run Game

With the beginning of pre-sales here on the site for my upcoming book Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly OffenseI’ve been offering the Ravens offensive line manual as an incentive for buying multiple copies of the book.


However, there are plenty of other great resources from Jon Harbaugh’s team that I can share with you, and one of my favorites is the information on the unbalanced line run game that Baltimore has made a living off of for several seasons.

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AFCA 2014: Grad Assistant/Career Forum Highlights

A lot of wisdom was dispensed at this year’s AFCA Convention in Indy, and as always, one of the best segments of the week was the Grad Assistant and Career Forum. Whether this is your first or your thirty-first year in coaching, there are always more than a few grains of wisdom you can glean from guys who have been where you are and succeeded.

Grad Assistant/ Career Forum

Dino Babers – Bowling Green

Jake Spavital – Texas A&M

Chad Morris – Clemson

Gus Malzahn – Auburn

Dino Babers

Dino Babers – Bowling Green


Q: How do we develop relationships with coaching mentors?

Dino Babers: There’s certain people who have accelerated your career. Keep in contact, watch their season, follow their success.

Jake Spavital: Always tried to be around those guys as much as possible because they always brought good people with them. It’s all about expanding your network.

Q: How do we align ourselves with the right coaches?

Chad Morris: Try to choose your mentor based on what you believe in. Hitch your trailer to a guy you believe in. Don’t be afraid to be persistent. No doesn’t always mean no.

Gus Malzahn: Some of these jobs you really don’t want. Look for someone you want to model yourself after. Another great idea is to find an up and comer with the same values as you and develop a relationship. » Read more

Fred Farrier on Networking and Managing your Career

One of the best tools for younger coaches at the convention is the first-timer’s meeting. The presentation is full of useful information, not just about the convention, but on the coaching profession in general. This past convention in Indianapolis was not my first, but I wanted to attend the first-timer’s meeting again because I had been so impressed with Coach Fred Farrier and what he had to say the year before in Nashville. Read on to get some great advice on networking and creating a positive impression with potential employers. » Read more

Super Bowl Sunday Reading List

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and since I haven’t had the opportunity to write anything brilliant or profound about this game, here’s a few folks who have.

Also, if you’re a subscriber to my Insider Email, you should have received the complete Gus Malzahn installation PDF that has been fixed to remove the earlier formatting errors. If you’re not a subscriber already, you can sign up by scrolling down to the bottom right of this article and filling in your information in the spaces provided. You’ll get the Malzahn playbook, as well as a free preview copy of my upcoming book Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly Offense. Later on this week I’ll be releasing some information on how you can pre order the book and reserve your own personal copy, as well as receive a few things that won’t be available to those who don’t pre-order the book.

richard-sherman-peyton-manningSo here is some interesting writing about the game itself and some of the stories surrounding it.

Better With Age – Chris Brown of does a great job (as usual) of breaking down Peyton Manning’s play this season, and how a 37-year old QB coming off of experimental neck surgery is having the greatest season for a guy at his position in the history of professional football. » Read more

Inside Gus Malzahn’s Playbook

Up until this point, there was not much you could do to get any inside information on how he thinks and what his terminology is, short of either buying his book (which is excellent) or going down to visit him at Auburn (in which case you’d better get in line).


However, I’ve got the next best thing. Thanks to some film trading friends of mine, I’ve got some great stuff from when Malzahn was at Tulsa. The head coach at Auburn has evolved a bit since those days, mostly to fit the personnel he has, but the core principles remain the same. So, here are some great installation materials from Gus Malzahn’s time as a part of the Golden Hurricane football program.


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