Peyton Manning on Preparation and Playing QB

In an interview conducted before the season started, but just posted on Thursday, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King had a great conversation with future Hall-of-Famer and pizza baron Peyton Manning. 

The interview goes all over the map, including Manning’s take on the new laws out in Colorado that have directly affected pizza sales in the state (Hint: He’s doing very well).


Of course, my favorite part was reading what he had to say about playing the position that’s made him a very wealthy man. Manning was asked what advice he would give to rookie QB’s just starting in the league, and he had a great answer:

“If I could give them a couple pieces of advice, I would start with this: ‘Don’t ever go to a meeting to watch a practice or a game without having already watched it by yourself.’ That’s one thing that I have always done. When the coach is controlling the remote control, he’s gonna rewind when he wants to rewind. He’s gonna skip certain plays. He’s not watching every single detail. When you can control the rewind button, you can go in there and you watch—first, you better watch your mechanics. Watch what you’re doing. Is your drop good? How’s your throw? OK, now rewind it again. Now you better watch your receivers. OK, looks like Demaryius Thomas ran a good route here. Not sure what Julius Thomas was doing here. Then you better rewind it again and watch what the defense is doing. So, there’s time in that deal. You have to know what they were doing so you can help them. So that has helped me. When I go in and watch it with the coach, I’m watching it for the third, fourth, fifth time. That’s when you start learning.”

Then, in typical Manning fashion, he advises people to avoid showing off how much work they’re doing, and just get it done:

“The other thing I would tell them: ‘To ever watch film without a pen and paper in your hand is a complete waste of time.’ You do it that way, you’re only watching it, as I call it, to please the coach. If you’re in the QB room and you leave the door open so they can see you in there, don’t. Shut the door. You ought to have the door shut. Whether they know you’re in there or not, they’re gonna know by the way you play out on the field. Don’t go showing off.”

You can read the whole interview here.

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