Saturday Links – May 24, 2014

– With all the controversy inspired by Mark Cuban’s comments about race, this was brushed over in the news cycle, but it stuck with me. Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews was on talking about a lot of things, including football, and he had a lot of frank words about NFL and football culture in general. What stuck with me the most was what he said about “football discipline” not being the same thing as “real discipline” and saying that since football players have much of their schedule set for them, they never have the ability to learn how to take care of themselves, which (according to him) is another reason why pro athletes have such a hard time adjusting to life after their career is over. I’ll have more to say about this later, but I think it’s a discussion worth having, and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

The City of Boston wants to be the first city in the United States with a college athlete bill of rights. This needs to happen at a national level.

– If you haven’t seen this already, it’s worth your time. One of the best CoachHuey threads in a long time: “Classifying Coaches”

“The Dry Erase Board Guy
circleus perfectimus
woe unto any poor soul attempting draw even the most rudimentary of plays on a dry erase board in this man’s presence. Any and all questions regarding a play or scheme will result in a doctorate level dissertation. Want to know how the ’89 dolphins ran that double reverse play against the Bengals? The Dry Erase Board guy knows, and even if he doesn’t know, he will make something up and draw it, because it is critical to the Dry Erase Board guy that everybody understands that he is the authority on all manners football. Classic Dry Erase Board Guy behavior is to finish the drawing of play with an abrupt slamming down of the dry erase marker, in his language, this message reads: “further discussion is futile, the dry erase board guy has spoken”

– How Houston is getting an brand new bus system for no extra money. This experiment, if it works, could be the turning point in the debate over public transit and the costs associated with it. You can also read a more detailed analysis of the story HERE.

– Remember that $60 million high school stadium that opened in Texas? It’s been closed due to safety concerns.

– The Atlantic looks at what they’re calling Moneyball 2.0, a more team-oriented approach to sabremetrics, and what the numbers say about putting together the perfect team.

– One writer from the NBC Sitcom “Community” writes a hilarious and (fair warning) often vulgar account of how the show’s creator Dan Harmon cured him of “Sh*t writing syndrome” (or SWS).

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