Saturday Links – May 31, 2014

  • Wall Street Journal article on why the Eagles prefer college graduates, and how much detail Chip Kelly goes into about a prospect’s education, and even why they picked their major.
  • Greg Bedard of has a fantastic article on Bill Walsh and his coaching tapes. It’s a long one but a good one.
  • College players have reached a settlement with EA Sports over the use of their likenesses. The number is $40 million, which seems a bit low.
  • Productivity hacks: Something we can all improve on, here’s an infographic from on little ways to streamline your day and improve your productivity.
  • This comes from the Veterans Day news cycle, but take a look at this veteran’s account of killing a German soldier in WWII, and how it has affected him ever since. Never forget to thank a soldier.
  • What if doctors could hit the “pause” button when dealing with time-sensitive injuries? That’s the idea behind a new set of medical trials dealing with what’s called “suspended animation.” Read more here.

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