Seth Price on the Tennessee Dual Read Play

Seth Price has been writing for a while at his site, and he’s always got great stuff for X’s and O’s guys to read, especially if you’re a Tennessee Volunteers fan.

I wanted to point his latest post to the readers of this site, since it’s very similar to a play many people saw Chip Kelly run against Atlanta in the first game of the year, where the offense pulls linemen in both directions and lets the quarterback decide where to go with the football.

Seth goes into detail and even includes video of the play in question, breaking down every player’s job.

He summarizes it very well near the beginning of the post.

The design of this play is simple. Both offensive tackles block down on the defensive ends, sealing them inside. Both offensive guards pull outside to block the outside linebackers. The center’s job is to control the nose tackle and not let him impact either the running back or the quarterback. On the strong side, the tight end has to get to the second level and block the middle linebacker. The point of this blocking scheme is to seal the edge on both sides. With the tackles blocking down and the guards pulling around, there should be room around the edge for a runner on either side.


You can read the whole thing here.

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