Super Bowl Sunday Reading List

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and since I haven’t had the opportunity to write anything brilliant or profound about this game, here’s a few folks who have.

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richard-sherman-peyton-manningSo here is some interesting writing about the game itself and some of the stories surrounding it.

Better With Age – Chris Brown of does a great job (as usual) of breaking down Peyton Manning’s play this season, and how a 37-year old QB coming off of experimental neck surgery is having the greatest season for a guy at his position in the history of professional football.

Secrets of the Seahawks Secondary – Danny Kelly of Field Gulls, the Seahawks Blog over at SB Nation, takes a look at what the Seahawks have been doing all season long on defense, and is an excellent companion to the first article on this list.

OMAHA! Peyton Manning, John Heisman, and the Origin of Pre-snap Verbiage – Yes I put one of my own posts in here, so sue me. I plan on tweeting about it several times during the game tonight as well, since I figure this horse isn’t quite dead yet.

Fox, Carroll not so different after all – Really well done article on both of these guys. It’s good to see Fox get some credit. For all the incredible things Peyton Manning has done this season, John Fox still remains one of the best (and most underrated) coaches in the league. It would’ve been interesting to see how much he could have done with a consistent front office in Carolina like the one he has in Denver.

Carroll and Fox joke around during a photo session this week with the Lombardi Trophy sitting in the foreground.

Carroll and Fox joke around during a photo session this week with the Lombardi Trophy sitting in the foreground.

A Love Letter to Coach Carroll – Richard Sherman writes about the first time he met Carroll, as a high school player from Compton, and how much he means to this team.

The Science of the First Cold Weather Super Bowl – Speaking of Peyton Manning and his large pre-snap vernacular, turns out that all that cold weather could make it tougher for him to communicate with his guys on the field, because SCIENCE.

Super Bowl Psychology – An interesting article on how watching sports reveals fallacies in the way we think, and why it’s better to lose in a blowout than on a last second play:

For instance, research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychologyfound that students who got an 89%, just missing out on an A-, felt less satisfied with their grades than students who got an 87%.”

Ray Guy is in the Hall of Fame – It’s about time. The next person who tells me that punters and kickers don’t belong in the Hall of Fame should be sentenced to spending a whole season without either.

Football! – I have nothing to say about this one, you’ll just have to see it for yourselves.

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