Ben Davis vs Carmel State Championship Game – Full Broadcast

As many of you know, Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis is where I got my start in coaching football, and I still follow them very closely, especially since I’m no longer coaching with a team of my own.

Friday night after this past Thanksgiving, Ben Davis played conference rival Carmel for the 6A State Championship in Indiana, and of course I was there watching with some friends from high school. As an alum and a former coach, I could not be prouder of the season this team had.

I’m partially putting up this video because I’m excited that BD brought home their 8th state championship in school history, but also because both teams run very interesting offenses.

The Carmel Greyhounds run a carbon-copied version of Auburn’s spread run game, while Ben Davis runs an interesting combination of spread passing and packaged plays that gives the QB a lot of freedom at the line of scrimmage.

Click on the bottom right corner of the video player to make it go full screen.


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Florida State’s Favorite Run Blitzes

As most of you know already, I’m working on my next book, this time looking at Gus Malzahn’s offense, not just this past year, but over the past few seasons.

In going back and watching FSU-Auburn while researching the new book, I came away with about twenty pages of notes, and I wanted to share a few things that I found really interesting. One factor that stood out was the use of blitzing to contain the Auburn run game. » Read more

Inside Gus Malzahn’s Playbook

Up until this point, there was not much you could do to get any inside information on how he thinks and what his terminology is, short of either buying his book (which is excellent) or going down to visit him at Auburn (in which case you’d better get in line).


However, I’ve got the next best thing. Thanks to some film trading friends of mine, I’ve got some great stuff from when Malzahn was at Tulsa. The head coach at Auburn has evolved a bit since those days, mostly to fit the personnel he has, but the core principles remain the same. So, here are some great installation materials from Gus Malzahn’s time as a part of the Golden Hurricane football program.


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Gus Malzahn’s Zone Read Load Scheme

Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game had all kinds of highlights, both offensively and defensively, but ask anyone who knows football, and they’ll tell you some of the most interesting things happen on plays that aren’t necessarily defined as explosive or memorable.Football people find just as much satisfaction in watching a well-executed kick out block or an interesting option play that goes for five yards as they do by watching an 80-yard bomb. What makes Gus Malzahn’s offense so successful is his obsessive attention to detail, investigating every contingency, every formation against every available defense, and trying to discover an alignment that gives his guys the best angle on the defense, whether it’s to run inside, outside, or gain leverage on a secondary to spring an athletic receiver wide open over the middle (as he managed to do successfully again, and again, and again on Monday).


During the hours leading up to kickoff between Auburn and Florida State, I posted some cutups of Auburn’s run game under Malzahn in 2010 with Heisman winner Cam Newton. The head coach of the Tigers is constantly in the lab tinkering with formations and blocking assignments, and Monday night did not disappoint. » Read more