How Wade Phillips threw a wrench into the Panthers game plan

Hey, I’m back!

Just a quick update on some things that will be changing:

I’ve been brought on board with to head up the football section of their site, and a big part of that is writing regular content for all different places, including on the CoachTube blog.

I’m not gonna bore you with my life story, but to sum it all up, I’ll be doing a lot more writing now, and you’ll get updated whenever I get a new post out there, which, as it turns out, happened today.

So here are two things I want to let you know about on this Friday morning.

1. The first is that I wrote about a simple but effective strategy that Wade Phillips used to take away a big part of the Panthers game plan in Super Bowl 50.

You can read about that here.

2. The second thing is that CoachTube offers a free starter course for the Gus Malzahn Offense that features several videos from his popular clinic series.

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How to successfully (and unsuccessfully) attack Josh Norman in the passing game

Yes I’m writing about the Super Bowl again.

You know how much I love to talk about game planning for specific players? Well that’s exactly what today’s post is about.

Josh Norman will be playing in DC next year, but he had a lot to do with why the Panthers were so tough on defense last year.

So what do you do when you’ve gotta face a talent in the secondary like him, especially when your quarterback doesn’t have the same zip on the ball that he used to?

Well today I talk about three plays the Broncos used to attack his side of the field.

Two of them worked, one didn’t, but they all have something to teach.

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Super Bowl Sunday Reading List

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and since I haven’t had the opportunity to write anything brilliant or profound about this game, here’s a few folks who have.

Also, if you’re a subscriber to my Insider Email, you should have received the complete Gus Malzahn installation PDF that has been fixed to remove the earlier formatting errors. If you’re not a subscriber already, you can sign up by scrolling down to the bottom right of this article and filling in your information in the spaces provided. You’ll get the Malzahn playbook, as well as a free preview copy of my upcoming book Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly Offense. Later on this week I’ll be releasing some information on how you can pre order the book and reserve your own personal copy, as well as receive a few things that won’t be available to those who don’t pre-order the book.

richard-sherman-peyton-manningSo here is some interesting writing about the game itself and some of the stories surrounding it.

Better With Age – Chris Brown of does a great job (as usual) of breaking down Peyton Manning’s play this season, and how a 37-year old QB coming off of experimental neck surgery is having the greatest season for a guy at his position in the history of professional football. » Read more

Wrecking Ball: Breaking down Eric Decker’s Four TD Performance against the Chiefs

This just in: The Denver Broncos are pretty good.

On the first chilly December afternoon of 2013, millions of television viewers saw Eric Decker score 4 touchdowns against a Kansas City defense that early in the year had been one of the league’s best. With the future Hall-of-Famer Peyton Manning under center, this has become normal to see on the Denver stat sheet.

(Getty Images)

Once again, just as in Indianapolis, Manning has three excellent receivers to choose from. With Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker playing outside, and Wes Welker lining up in the slot, it’s not hard to see why this Bronco offense has already broken several long-standing franchise records. Any of the skill position players on this offense are good enough to have the kind of day that Decker had against the Chiefs, today just happened to be his day.

Let’s find out why, by breaking down all four of his touchdowns, and look at why Manning decided to call his number so many times. » Read more