My Favorite AFCA Clinic Talks from the Past Few Years

It’s almost that time of year again, when the entire college football world comes together in one place to learn from one another, meet new people, and get back together with guys you haven’t seen all year.

If you’re a coach heading to Louisville on Sunday for the 2015 AFCA Convention, you can find the highlights of the schedule here.

Below are some of my favorite clinic talks from the past two conventions. As a reminder, I’ll be blogging daily summaries at the end of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I’ll also be sending out my complete convention notes to all my subscribers shortly afterward.

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Mark Dantonio on the Secret to Michigan State’s Success

Dantonio quickly became on of my favorite guys in the business after listening to him talk about all the contributions that each individual staff member had made to the team who won the Rose Bowl that year.

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AFCA 2013 Notes: David Shaw on Chemistry, Leadership, and Hiring new Coaches

With the Rose Bowl game today, and all the rumors surrounding the coaching carousel, David Shaw’s name inevitably came up. Shaw has stated over and over again that he’s happy at Stanford, but schools would be crazy not to at least give his agent a call. Shaw has not only sustained the success started by his predecessor Jim Harbaugh, but he has elevated the program to new heights with his second consecutive Rose Bowl appearance.

If you want an idea of how he operates, take a look at my notes from last January’s AFCA Convention in Nashville. I was, quite literally, front and center for his presentation, and I came away very impressed with who he is and the way he does things at Stanford.