2015 AFCA Convention Notes: Gary Patterson

Gary Patterson has taken TCU to the upper-echelon of college football programs over the past few years, and if not for a late-season charge by the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Horned Frogs may have found themselves in the final four teams playing for a national championship.

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General Session – Gary Patterson – TCU

– Success is not easy, it comes at a price in this profession.

– I’m worried about the future of this game. » Read more

2015 AFCA Convention: Day 3 Highlights

Another convention is in the books, and a lot of great speakers had a lot to say. The two big names who spoke on Tuesday were Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech and Gary Patterson of TCU.

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General Session – Paul Johnson – Georgia Tech

– As a head coach, it’s all about the people who surround you and who do most of the work.

– This past season was one of the most fun seasons I’ve had because we went back to basics.

– I’ve heard every possible excuse why this offense won’t work.

"Be yourself. People are smart and they see right through someone who isn't sincere. Stay true to your philosophies."

“Be yourself. People are smart and they see right through someone who isn’t sincere. Stay true to your philosophies.”

– I think people want to be held accountable for their actions.

– I’d be a better assistant coach today than I was 18 years ago, because now I know that there is a lot that I never knew as an assistant. Some times the head coach has to keep things to himself. » Read more