How the AFCA dropped the ball on player Safety

To begin the second day of this year’s convention, I had high hopes for the early session on “The Future of Football” hosted by Grant Teaff and Mack Brown. With the inclusion of Dr. Sandra Chapman, the founder of the Center for BrainHealth [sic], I was cautiously optimistic that those of us in attendance would get to hear some open, honest dialogue on the problem that football is facing with concussions. I left the session disappointed and more than a little angry.

I don’t like to get too opinionated on this site, but I felt like I had to say something about the absolute farce I witnessed first hand on Monday morning in Indy (Since I’m not looking for another coaching job, I guess I don’t have much to lose by putting this out there, so here goes).

If you’re asking why, take a look at the tweet I sent out in the middle of the session, posted below: » Read more