Are you a “George Costanza” coach?

Well, are you?

I sure hope not. It’s not a compliment.

Let me explain…

There was a great Seinfeld episode where George figured out that if he just looked stressed out and annoyed at work, people would think he was busy and leave him alone.

I’ve worked with a few George Costanzas in my life. You know the type.

Guys who aren’t great at a whole lot, except for looking busy without actually doing anything at all.

It’s not the sort of thing you want to be known for if you ever want to move up in this business and maybe even get a job at a big time program like Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan, the Wolverines just had their annual coaches clinic, and Jim Harbaugh came up with that clever term to describe the kind of guy he doesn’t want around the program.

Jim, John, and their father Jack held a “Harbaugh Family Panel” where they got up on stage and talked about all things football.

Coach, blogger, and all around great American James Light was there in person to take it all in.

You can read his notes from the clinic here.

– Alex Kirby