Aaron Rodgers on Preparation, Playing QB, and Peyton Manning


On his HBO show “Any Given Wednesday” last week, Bill Simmons had a long and interesting interview full of great Aaron Rodgers quotes, and he delivered some great insight on playing quarterback and the finer points of pre-snap strategy.

He went into a lot of detail on his offensive philosophy, who his biggest influences are at the quarterback position, and even┬átalked about Peyton Manning’s Omaha call, and the meaning behind it.

Most pro athletes are mediocre interviews at best, but Rodgers actually gave a lot of great information here, and he even talked about the “quick flat” play I’ve written about before.

He also had a great quote about practice and preparation:


Some more things covered:

  • Would you rather have A- running backs and receivers and a C- offensive line, OR an A- offensive line with D- running backs and receivers?
  • His thoughts on what Peyton Manning did well, especially during his time with the Colts
  • Why the simplest stuff is the most effective.
  • Pre-snap verbiage and the need to change up week after week
  • The areas of the field and the situations where he’s most likely to draw a defender off-sides.

Watch the whole thing here:



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