The Minnesota Power Read Play

Jerry Kill is one of those guys who just never got the credit he deserved for being a rock-solid football coach, and a great teacher of the game.

No matter where he went, he won, and was always great about incorporating new ideas into the way he did things.

This video is a perfect example of just that.

Someone was kind enough to put the clinic presentation on YouTube, complete with diagrams and film, so obviously I needed to share it with you guys.


PS – You wanted more play-by-play style breakdowns, and I listened.

Guess what?

Now they’ll be coming each month.

Instead of breaking down an entire game, I’ll be breaking down one team’s offense against the opponent defense so that I can bring you a different scheme each month.

I’m releasing the first issue of my¬†“Every Play Revealed” newsletter beginning this Friday.

In this issue, I’ve broken down exactly how the Denver Defense shut down Cam Newton and the Panthers in the Super Bowl, breaking down every play of Carolina’s Offense vs Denver’s Defense.

I’m really excited to share what I’ve put together.

Stay tuned!

– Alex Kirby