11 Trick Plays You Should Put in the Playbook this Fall

This past week I asked my subscribers to give me their favorite trick plays, with the best submission winning a copy of my newest book Every Play Revealed: Breaking Down Oregon and Ohio State in College Football’s Biggest Game.

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I did something I haven’t done before, I picked two winners, because they sent me two unusual plays that I’d never seen before, and both of them happen to involve getting the football to the offensive guard.

Bruce Eien – Left Guard Special

Guard Handoff

This is one of the most interesting plays I’ve ever seen, it’s almost like a version of the fumblerooski where the whole offense runs one way and one person runs the other way.  There are a lot of things I could add, but I’ll just let the video that Coach Eien has posted on YouTube do the explaining.

Rusty Pixon – 41 Jailbreak Special

This is a very interesting twist on a play that a lot of people are running these days. This is what he had to say:

I’m an OL coach for a Tony Franklin System team in eastern Washington. We have this trick play that I’m pretty proud of. 
Bring a TFS team we run a ton of screens. They account for nearly 35% of our offense. Our most successful has always been the jailbreak screen. 
The OL invites the DL up field with a vertical set, releases and gets out into space. Our BSG has the peel block looking for and DL retracing their steps. The blocking scheme is simple and more importantly works. 
After teams see us run this a few times the entire defense starts to sit. To counter this we had  the BSG carry his peel block all the way to the sideline and behind our receiver. The receiver caught the ball and lateraled to our BSG who went streaking down the sideline in all his fat boy glory. 
It’s some school yard stuff, but out of the three times we ran it one went for an 80 yard touchdown, one went for a 40 yard touchdown and the last was a 2 yard loss. 
My lineman love it. They get to celebrate a fat guy touchdown and it’s the last thing anyone would expect. Doesn’t get much trickier than that. 

Jail Break Special - Rusty Pixon