James Vint on Offensive Game Plan Efficiency

Coach James Vint is always a great read. We finally got to meet in person a couple of weeks ago at Texas HS Coaching School, but I’ve always been a fan of his stuff, and this article is another reason why.

He wrote a great blog post a couple of days ago about how to track the number of practice reps you’re getting each week and how that ties into how much offense you can carry with you into a game.

“I decided to take an analytical approach. We had approximately 50 team reps each day, 25 inside run reps, 25 team on air reps, and 25 7-on-7 reps each day. If we had four days of practice, we would get 500 reps a week. These 500 reps were sacred. We had to make sure we used them wisely so we were prepared each week.

The first thing we did was cut down on the number of calls we had in our game plan. In a typical game we are going to run between 70 and 85 plays. We aren’t going to run 85 different plays. We are going to repeat plays throughout the game. And often, we are going to find a call that works and repeat it over and over. Once we find a formation and concept that works, we often will call that concept several times.”


This is a great approach because it treats practice reps as the scare resources that they are, and that’s not something to be taken lightly.

Read the whole thing here.