How Oregon Uses Packaged Plays

“Stretching the field” is a phrase¬†offensive coordinators everywhere are fond of using, but few teams commit to it like Oregon. If there’s one thing we know about Oregon’s offense, it’s that the Ducks never seem to run out of ways to move the football around and utilize all 53 1/3 yards of the width of the field. Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost and this Oregon staff may not have invented the idea of the packaged play, sometimes referred to as a¬†run-pass option, but they definitely make good use out of it on a regular basis, and today we’re going to take a closer look at one way to use it.

In this article, we’re going to go in-depth in one particular concept, an inverted zone read packaged with a pass play, and take a look at two different examples, one run to the perimeter, and one pass to the opposite side of the formation. » Read more

Four Variations on the ‘Stick’ Concept

Though originally introduced to football through the Bill Walsh/ Paul Brown inspired West Coast Offense, the Stick concept has proliferated to all levels of football, and you’ll find that most teams run some form of it in today’s game.

The stick route’s staying power for so long is due in large to it’s adaptability to so many offenses. It’s good against man, zone, and the subsequent constraint plays the you can run because of it should give you a simple but effective package that will provide you with a lot of answers to what the defense tries to throw at you. No matter what you’re running as your base scheme, chances are you can find room in your playbook » Read more