Video: Paul Johnson Play Action Pass Rules For The Triple Option

Paul Johnson is the best play caller in America, and that’s something I’ve been saying for a while now. While it’s true that Georgia Tech makes their living in the run game, it’s impossible to ignore the success they’ve had in the pass game, especially using play action.

This offense of his has been fine-tuned through decades of tough, brutal competition at several different levels of college football. There’s not a lot you can show him that he hasn’t seen already.

Defenses have tried all sorts of creative ways to disguise their intentions. Everything from loading the box, to rotating an extra defender down low just before the snap, and all kinds of other trickery. Still, Johnson and this Georgia Tech offense usually find a way to keep them honest, through some kind of misdirection, or even more dangerous, through the play action pass game that he’s designed.

People often forget how successful Johnson’s teams have been throwing the football. Though a lot of it has to do with the talent he’s been able to acquire, Johnson himself deserves a good amount of credit as well. He’s managed to come up with a scheme that manages to put his athletes at receiver in positions to be successful against the secondary.

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Why Paul Johnson Refuses To Change

I’ve never made any secret of my opinion that Paul Johnson is the best play caller in America, and that his offense is much more complex than people realize or give him credit for. Georgia Tech took it to the defending champs in the ACC Championship Game, nearly pulling off the upset, and proceeded to demolish heavily-favored Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl using an offense that most people believe belongs in a museum.

The next time you watch a Tech game, take a close look at the sideline shots the camera shows of Coach Johnson. Do you see any call sheet in his hand? Not likely, since he calls the game off the top of his head.


If anyone can do it, Johnson can. He’s been running this offense for the past three decades, and during that time has seen just about every possible wrinkle defensive coordinators can throw at him. It’s a big reason why I was really eager to dive into the DVD that you can get here titled simply “Paul Johnson: Triple Option Offense.”

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2015 AFCA Notes: Paul Johnson on Building a Consistent Program

Paul Johnson’s record speaks for itself. He’s the first coach in ACC history to be named ACC Coach of the Year during his first two seasons in the conference, and his offenses have been proving critics wrong for years now. Fresh off a huge and dominating upset over Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl, Johnson spoke during the General Session at the 2015 AFCA Convention in Louisville.

One of the most interesting comments he made was about sincerity and not being able to fool people by pretending to be something you’re not, which echoed what David Cutcliffe said the year before.

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General Session – Paul Johnson – Georgia Tech

– It’s all about the people who surround you and who do most of the work.

– This past season was one of the most fun I’ve ever had because we had a great group of kids and we got back to basics. » Read more

2015 AFCA Convention: Day 3 Highlights

Another convention is in the books, and a lot of great speakers had a lot to say. The two big names who spoke on Tuesday were Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech and Gary Patterson of TCU.

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General Session – Paul Johnson – Georgia Tech

– As a head coach, it’s all about the people who surround you and who do most of the work.

– This past season was one of the most fun seasons I’ve had because we went back to basics.

– I’ve heard every possible excuse why this offense won’t work.

"Be yourself. People are smart and they see right through someone who isn't sincere. Stay true to your philosophies."

“Be yourself. People are smart and they see right through someone who isn’t sincere. Stay true to your philosophies.”

– I think people want to be held accountable for their actions.

– I’d be a better assistant coach today than I was 18 years ago, because now I know that there is a lot that I never knew as an assistant. Some times the head coach has to keep things to himself. » Read more