Baltimore Ravens Unbalanced Run Game

With the beginning of pre-sales here on the site for my upcoming book Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly OffenseI’ve been offering the Ravens offensive line manual as an incentive for buying multiple copies of the book.


However, there are plenty of other great resources from Jon Harbaugh’s team that I can share with you, and one of my favorites is the information on the unbalanced line run game that Baltimore has made a living off of for several seasons.

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Inside Gus Malzahn’s Playbook

Up until this point, there was not much you could do to get any inside information on how he thinks and what his terminology is, short of either buying his book (which is excellent) or going down to visit him at Auburn (in which case you’d better get in line).


However, I’ve got the next best thing. Thanks to some film trading friends of mine, I’ve got some great stuff from when Malzahn was at Tulsa. The head coach at Auburn has evolved a bit since those days, mostly to fit the personnel he has, but the core principles remain the same. So, here are some great installation materials from Gus Malzahn’s time as a part of the Golden Hurricane football program.


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