3 Ways Green Bay Uses Randall Cobb

They say one of the hardest things to do in sports is to do what you’re expected to do.

What does that mean exactly?

Every year in the draft there are always those few guys who have all kinds of ability, and commentators love to talk about all the different things NFL coaches could do with them.

Unfortunately, for any number of reasons, those guys don’t have a great track record at the pro level.

Remember Percy Harvin? What about Matt Jones?

There are plenty of others who had the kind of skill set that coaches dream of, but they never could quite make it work the way they hoped.

Whether it’s mediocre quarterback play from the offense, a lack of creativity from the coaching staff, or they’re trying to force him into a position that he’s just not suited for, these things usually end with a lot of “what ifs.”

Randall Cobb is the exception, and not only has he survived, he’s thrived in his role as the X-factor for the Green Bay offense.

The guy played quarterback AND receiver in college, and did both very well. Instead of hampering him and weighing him down, it appears to have strengthened his game, and allowed the Packers to use him in ways they could use other players.

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