2015 AFCA Notes: Robert Wimberly on Defensive Playcalling

Robert Wimberly is the defensive coordinator at Liberty University, and he did a fantastic job of giving a snapshot look at how he structures his scheme, how he delegates responsibilities during the week and on game day, and also how he organizes his thoughts during the game.

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Breakout Session РRobert Wimberly РLiberty University

– It’s important to build a foundation and put a lot of thought into how you structure your playbook. Know the ins and outs of your scheme. It’s never good to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

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– Ask yourself if your scheme is ready for something unexpected. Have answers that fit what you do. At the same time, make sure your kids understand your answers.

– Accurate analysis is crucial to a sound game plan. To be most effective, break the responsibilities up among your staff according to their expertise:

  • Receiver analysis
  • Situational pass game
  • Blitz package
  • RB/TE analysis
  • 3rd down runs/OL play
  • Field zone breakdown
  • QB analysis
  • Formations (Defensive Coordinator focuses on this himself)

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