How Wade Phillips threw a wrench into the Panthers game plan

Hey, I’m back!

Just a quick update on some things that will be changing:

I’ve been brought on board with┬áto head up the football section of their site, and a big part of that is writing regular content for all different places, including on the CoachTube blog.

I’m not gonna bore you with my life story, but to sum it all up, I’ll be doing a lot more writing now, and you’ll get updated whenever I get a new post out there, which, as it turns out, happened today.

So here are two things I want to let you know about on this Friday morning.

1. The first is that I wrote about a simple but effective strategy that Wade Phillips used to take away a big part of the Panthers game plan in Super Bowl 50.

You can read about that here.

2. The second thing is that CoachTube offers a free starter course for the Gus Malzahn Offense that features several videos from his popular clinic series.

Click here to start watching