The Jay Leno Method for creating opportunity

I’ve never been much of a Jay Leno fan. (Personally, I always thought Letterman was much better.)

Still, there’s one thing I’ve always respected about the guy though, and that’s how he approached his business.

In an interview a while back, Leno told the story of how he broke into the comedy business, before the days when you could post a funny video on YouTube and get a million views:

When I got started in Boston, I would go into bars with a $50 bill, and I would say, ‘I’m a comedian.’

‘We don’t hire comedians.’

I go, ‘Look, here’s 50 bucks. Lemme go on the stage and tell some jokes. If people leave, you can keep my 50. If I do OK and I get some laughs, gimme my money back.”

It cost me about 300 bucks over the long run, but for the most part it was either:

“Yeah, kid, you’re funny, here’s your money back, but we don’t do that here.”


“That was OK, come back Wednesday.”

A couple of things…

First, he found a creative way to get his name out there.

Leno was creative about manufacturing his own opportunities in the business he so desperately wanted to .

He didn’t wait for someone to call him, he went out and found ways to not only get his name out there, but get experience doing what he wanted to do.

Second, he offered the business owner a no-risk proposition:

  • If he went up there and bombed, the bartender got paid $50.
  • If he did well, the customers got some entertainment and came away with a good experience, and the owner has another name on his list of entertainers to hire sometime down the road

So what does that mean for you?

There are literally thousands of coaching positions at the high school and college level across the country, even more if you include middle school and youth football, and more than that if you count all the different leagues that play football outside of America. (There are a lot more than you may think.)

There is no shortage of opportunity out there in the coaching business, but the first step to getting hired is to get your name out there.

This goes all the way back to what I talked about a couple of weeks ago: If you’re not already well-known in the coaching world (or whatever business you’re in), what are you doing to change that?

It the answer is nothing, you’re falling behind.

Since I wrote about different ways of advertising yourself, I’ve connected with several people who’ve told me how they’ve used social media, blogging, and similar methods to do just that. It’s not just that these guys stood out once they sat down to interview, they got the interview in large part because of what they were doing to promote themselves.

Remember: Always be advertising!

By the way, let no one say I don’t follow my own advice…

How do I get my name out there? I write books.

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– Alex Kirby